The Multiple Choice section in SAT Writing is the EASIEST place to improve your SAT score, because:

1. The SAT focuses on a small number of grammar rules.
2. You already know the rules from everday use, even if you don't know the exact definitions.

Real Examples
These are real students who I taught. Compare their SAT Writing scores at the start of the class and at the end of the first week. (In each row, the first number is how many questions they missed, the second number is their SAT score)

This guide shows you how to achieve the same improvement.
Once you're done, you'll go from seeing THIS:

1. Grammar intro, this page. It's hype, promises.

-Pronoun: point to pronouns, something and pronouns
-Comparison: peoples names, comparison words
-Parallel: word pairs, and, comparison
-Plurality: modifiers, is/are was/were has/have
-Tense: played, has played, had played

Sentence Structure
-Modifier 4 simple ones.
-Modifier starting, middle, ending
-2 Sentence, modifier form and 2 sentences form

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