1. College Counseling
I can help you understand the big picture to college admissions and choose the decisions and goals that are right for your student. Specifically:

-Creating a long term plan to maximize your chances at your dream schools.
-Which colleges to pick as your safety, match, and reach schools.
-Which and how many honors and AP classes you should plan for.

-Which summer activities and extracurriculars you should participate in.
-When and how to prepare for standardarized tests.
-How to do better in school.
-Helping you approach and improve the personal statement.

-Helping you manage deadlines and requirements for college applications.
-What majors you should consider, and how to explore them.


See this article for specific examples:
How I help students with Personal Statements

2. SAT and ACT Preparation
Preparing with my help has 2 major advantages.

-The instruction is personalized to your individual needs. I will not waste any time on things you already know, and I will not move ahead on important topics until you've learned the material. You get personalized feedback on your individual mistakes. This kind of one on one expert instruction is much more effective than classroom or individual learning.

-The instruction is flexible. You do not have to plan around the fixed schedule and location of a SAT class. You can do more with your summer, and study on your own time and according to your own schedule.


3. Academic Tutoring
I have taken most classes that you might have problems in. I can help you do better in them. See above for the benefits of one on one tutoring.


For initial consultation, details and pricing, contact me.